What is Nonwoven lab coats

Disposable nonwoven isolation gown can be used in hospital, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures, any where need protection. Prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading. Can be used as a visit protection.Prevent to cross infection in medical treatment at sanitation field. Economical and disposable.Nonwoven Disposable Laboratory Coats, Howie coats as the name indicates is a fabric that is not a traditional weave like cotton which is used for example in tea shirt. It is constructed from plastic like polymer such as, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, etc normally in a single or multi filament which is laid down on a platform know as a web former and gently melted together. There are 10 or more types with an average constituent fibre diameter from 1um to 30um, so that grades with a wide range of fibre diameters can be chosen from. This melting together creates rolls of material suitable for cutting and sewing into garments like Lab Coats, Howie coats and Coveralls.This method of production is highly automated and guarantees a low cost base. The resulting Disposable Laboratory Coats, Howie coats and Coveralls permit the outward movement of perspiration and body heat and the inward passage of air making them breathable. Because the pores are very small air molecules are permitted passage whereas larger molecules of liquids and some airborne bacteria are not, making the material Microporous. Unlike paper based products, these Nonwoven Laboratory Coats, Howie coats and Coveralls do not “wet out” These Nonwoven Laboratory Coats, Howie coats and Coveralls can be produced¬† with¬† ultraviolet¬† stabilising agent, antistatic and waterproofing agent and hydrophilic additives.

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